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Emotions and Productivity

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There’s a long-held belief that you should keep your emotions out of the workplace. But such a rule sets a difficult standard to uphold, as humans are emotional by nature. Instead of trying to suppress emotions, learn how they can be used to increase productivity. When people work with a team, they generally experience feelings of [...]

Inspiring Your Team to Build Ideas

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The best ideas come from team collaboration and building off each other’s experience. can help you move this process along, giving your team a space for sharing ideas and developing them into something tangible. Here are some ways you can use to make this happen. A good way of making an idea stick is [...]

How to Connect with Remote Team Members

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It can be difficult to feel a part of the team when you are in another state or country. Without the opportunity to walk around the office to chat with different team members, or join corporate outings, it can feel like you’re missing out on the company culture. So how do you connect with remote team [...]

Using Technology for Team Building

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Technology is affecting all aspects of our daily lives, transforming everything we do – from the way we move and communicate, to how we learn and write. Technology is also changing team building in the workplace. More digital tools are being used in team building with the purpose of boosting the overall group experience. Team building [...]

Developing a Think Tank Work Culture

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When was the last time you received unfiltered feedback from your team? Are you afraid of doing collaborative work because you might get some harsh criticism? There’s a lot at stake when it comes to group projects, so it’s no wonder that you might want to play it safe with your team. The only problem is [...]

How Improves Connections

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Even if you know how productivity apps can help teams communicate more effectively, have you ever considered how they can improve connectivity between team members? Using can have a profound effect on levels of confidence, trust, loyalty and motivation among all members of the team – including clients and executives. Having your whole team on [...]

Why Team Communication is Important

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Nearly everyone has worked in a team at some point in their life. Communication within those teams is crucial between all members, regardless of their role or responsibility. Whether this is between managers in a corporate office or two members of the same sporting team, communication is crucial for success. Trust doesn’t come automatically. It must [...]

Benefits of Work Chat

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Does workplace banter distract you from your work? Studies show that there are surprising cognitive benefits to engaging in some amount of socialisation at work.  In fact, some of these studies have found that work chat fosters more engaged and committed employees. More workforces are concentrating on collaboration, incentives and the formation of meaningful connections that [...]

5 Benefits of Using the Communal Noticeboard

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How often do you walk into the office kitchen and bypass the noticeboard hanging on the wall? You are potentially missing out on important office news that isn’t shared via email. With’s communal noticeboard, you have all of the information right at your fingertips so you’ll never be kept out of the loop no matter [...]

How to Improve Teamwork

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The average employee can hardly last 10 minutes before getting distracted. Additionally, they also spend an average of 3 hours a day checking and replying to emails. These numbers are symptoms of a larger underlying issue in how we understand the idea of teamwork. While teams usually know what they’re meant to do, they aren’t always [...]