Learn how to get the most out of team.co and how it differs from other team collaboration apps.

What Makes team.co Different?

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team.co didn’t become popular in workplaces just because it’s another enterprise messaging tool. There already are many group messaging services out there for businesses. team.co is different not only for being user-friendly but for being fun to use. This isn’t the only reason team.co is different. Our app is more than just a chat tool, which [...]

3 Major Benefits of team.co

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The digital age is inevitably changing job roles. Jobs are getting complicated, and some days it can be difficult for you to clearly define the parameters of your role. You need to quickly adapt to the new tasks being allocated to you. As job roles change, so do the technologies that companies use. team.co is changing [...]

Improve Your Team Collaboration

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Team collaboration can be the difference between a successful business and a struggling one. Effective and seamless collaboration promotes innovation, decision making and contribution in the workplace. But some team members struggle to collaborate. They expect other team members to effectively work together, but make no steps themselves towards facilitating this. What can you do about [...]

Using Technology for Team Building

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Technology is affecting all aspects of our daily lives, transforming everything we do – from the way we move and communicate, to how we learn and write. Technology is also changing team building in the workplace. More digital tools are being used in team building with the purpose of boosting the overall group experience. Team building [...]

How to Improve Your Concentration

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Sometimes you can’t complete projects on time. This can be due to endless emails, constant phone notifications, or team members requesting your attention – the usual culprits drawing your attention away from your work. What do you do about this? By turning your phone off, and closing your email program for several hours each day, you [...]

Bringing a New Team Member Onboard

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When a new team member joins your company, you need to make sure they have all the resources and tools required to do their work. Learning the ins and outs of the company can take some time for a new team member, but team.co speeds up this process. Bring a new team member onboard with team.co [...]

Using team.co to Achieve Your 2018 Goals

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Say what you want about goal setting and announcements of fresh beginnings, but now is a good time to adopt new productive habits to get you through the second half of the year with a clear purpose in mind to help you achieve your 2018 goals. In case you haven’t done so already, you can use [...]

How to Keep Track of Work

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Whether you work for an enterprise or if you’re running a startup, your time is valuable. It is what determines the when you wake up, the length of your lunch break, and how late (or early) you go to bed. It also determines what you do in a day and limits the number of tasks you [...]

How team.co Improves Connections

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Even if you know how productivity apps can help teams communicate more effectively, have you ever considered how they can improve connectivity between team members? Using team.co can have a profound effect on levels of confidence, trust, loyalty and motivation among all members of the team – including clients and executives. Having your whole team on [...]

Why Team Communication is Important

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Nearly everyone has worked in a team at some point in their life. Communication within those teams is crucial between all members, regardless of their role or responsibility. Whether this is between managers in a corporate office or two members of the same sporting team, communication is crucial for success. Trust doesn’t come automatically. It must [...]