Learn how to keep your remote workers engaged and help them feel part of the team.

How to Organise Your Remote Team

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Communication is key to being organised, especially when collaborative work is involved. To organise your remote team, you’ll need to use team.co as the base of your team’s communications. team.co is useful for remote work because it is quick and simple to use, helping significantly in making sure projects go smoothly. Our app makes it easy [...]

The Pros of Working with a Remote Team

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While remote work has become increasingly popular today, many businesses are still hesitant about allowing their team members to work flexibly. By letting your team work beyond the office, they develop important collaboration skills, and effective communication becomes more important than ever. The success of remote work involves placing trust and competence in your team – [...]

Communicating with Remote Teams

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When you work in a shared physical space, work conversations will inevitably happen. There’ll be frequent opportunities for casual conversation or discussing current projects. However, this isn’t the only form of bonding possible when you work with a remote team. It can be easy to leave your remote team out of work conversations, but they too [...]

5 Ways team.co Improves Team Performance

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Collaboration tools have removed distance as a barrier to team performance. The team.co app makes it possible for employees to work together regardless of their location. Important communications that once got lost in your inbox are now easy to find and readily accessible thanks to our many features. team.co is a productivity tool that enables your [...]

3 Ways to Make Your Remote Work Team More Efficient

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The most important part of maintaining an efficient remote work team is communication. To do so, you want to ensure that your team members are using the correct collaboration tools. The communication between your office team and your remote team is only as successful as the tools you use. It’s easy to see a drop in [...]