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How to Organise Your Remote Team

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Communication is key to being organised, especially when collaborative work is involved. To organise your remote team, you’ll need to use as the base of your team’s communications. is useful for remote work because it is quick and simple to use, helping significantly in making sure projects go smoothly. Our app makes it easy [...]

How to Manage Work Overload

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There are times when you look down at your to-do list and feel your heart race. You’ve realised that you don’t have time to finish everything that needs to be done. Even if you stay back at the office, there will still be unfinished tasks on that to-do list, threatening to push your stress levels to [...]

How to be Productive

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Productivity isn’t an innate skill. However, anyone can learn how to improve their productivity and accomplish their goals. It requires creating workflows, processes and consistently repeating them. Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips to make you more productive. Apply the following to make your workplace a more productive environment. Set yourself goals The first step [...]

How to be More Productive with Your Goal Setting

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Goal setting is a powerful practice that’ll benefit your work performance as well as your personal life. Sometimes work can get a little crazy, but you can still stay on track. is a great app to use to organise all your business goals for the year to come, so you’re getting the most out of [...]

Benefits of Rapid Chat

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Communicating with your team members and clients is important in any business. Whether you have an enterprise or a small distributed team, it’s important for you to uphold rapid communication with everyone involved in your business: employees, clients, partners. What you say isn’t the only important part of communication – speed matters too. Even if you’ve [...]

3 Ways to Track Your Tasks on

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Deadlines always come up fast no matter how hard you try to be on top of things. Managing everything will not only relieve your stress, but will also prevent hindrances for the whole team and keep your boss sane. To ensure that everything on your mental to-do list isn’t forgotten, we’ve got some handy tips on [...]