Read up about different collaboration tools and why they’re important in the workplace.

Inspiring Your Team to Build Ideas

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The best ideas come from team collaboration and building off each other’s experience. can help you move this process along, giving your team a space for sharing ideas and developing them into something tangible. Here are some ways you can use to make this happen. A good way of making an idea stick is [...]

Communication Hacks to Improve Collaboration

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Have you ever been in a situation where many people are working together, but they barely talk to each other? The reason for this atmosphere is the absence of team communication. Team communication is a central feature of collaboration. It can make or break it. This means, for your company to be successful and efficient, you [...]

Developing a Think Tank Work Culture

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When was the last time you received unfiltered feedback from your team? Are you afraid of doing collaborative work because you might get some harsh criticism? There’s a lot at stake when it comes to group projects, so it’s no wonder that you might want to play it safe with your team. The only problem is [...]

The Pros of Working with a Remote Team

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While remote work has become increasingly popular today, many businesses are still hesitant about allowing their team members to work flexibly. By letting your team work beyond the office, they develop important collaboration skills, and effective communication becomes more important than ever. The success of remote work involves placing trust and competence in your team – [...]

Why Teams Like Using

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The use of collaboration software and apps in the workplace is on the rise. From offering improved work communications to project management features, these tools offer a range of options to get your productivity firing. Collaboration tools are improving every year, making it easier for workers to get their tasks done quickly and effectively. It’s no [...]

Getting Feedback on Your Work

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Sometimes you’re working on a project and you aren’t sure if you’re on the right track. Since information can come from different teams and departments, using is an effective way to centralise and action feedback. Invite your employees to use our features to express any concerns they have or help they need. Using ensures [...]

How to Improve Teamwork

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The average employee can hardly last 10 minutes before getting distracted. Additionally, they also spend an average of 3 hours a day checking and replying to emails. These numbers are symptoms of a larger underlying issue in how we understand the idea of teamwork. While teams usually know what they’re meant to do, they aren’t always [...]

5 Ways Improves Team Performance

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Collaboration tools have removed distance as a barrier to team performance. The app makes it possible for employees to work together regardless of their location. Important communications that once got lost in your inbox are now easy to find and readily accessible thanks to our many features. is a productivity tool that enables your [...]

Using Collaboration Tools Efficiently

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Imagine this: your office has just started using our application and they’re excited about how this will improve collaboration in the workplace. Fast-forward two weeks, and you’ve found that a few of your team members aren’t contributing in the app. Why? How can you change this? We break down the two main reasons why your [...]

Increase Workplace Culture with Group Chat

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What if work was more like Facebook? The app has a group chat function – much like Facebook group messages – that boosts your workplace culture with its user-friendly interface that enables your team to discuss projects, send messages and communicate tasks with ease. You can save time by boycotting emails and using the group [...]